7 tips for giving back

As the first sub-Sahara African to be named the World Entrepreneur Of The Year®, Dr. Mwangi says that the award will have an enormous impact and raise the confidence, pride and esteem of African entrepreneurs.

Dr. Mwangi's mission has a purpose and vision that’s bigger than just becoming a successful entrepreneur. From day one, he has been a champion of social and economic transformation in Africa. To do this he has instilled in his organization a sense of social responsibility focused on seven areas:

  1. Financial inclusion and access.
  2. Financial empowerment through financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
  3. Agriculture: providing skills, credit and access to markets that enhance earnings for small shareholders. This has enabled over 500,000 peasant farmers to convert into small-scale commercial farmers and agribusiness.
  4. Health: creating quality and affordable preventative health solutions.
  5. Innovation: developing and promoting innovative solutions to more efficiently meet society’s needs.
  6. Scholarships for higher learning and leadership development.
  7. Conservation and environmental protection: fostering environmental protection initiatives to ensure sustainable economic development.

We salute Dr. Mwangi on both his win as Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 and for his dedication to the betterment of his country and its citizens.