Steve Case to the US government: Roll out the welcome mat!

AOL founder Steve Case is the ideal chair for the Startup America Partnership, which provides resources for entrepreneurs at all stages of growth. Here are his thoughts on three issues which are of vital interest to every entrepreneur around the world.

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"We're losing the battle around high-skilled workers, particularly with engineering degrees. We're attracting them to our great universities, giving them a PhD and then forcing them to go to another country to start a company that then competes with us. It's crazy. One of the recommendations is to staple a green card to every PhD. And not only make it easy for them to stay here, but also ask them to stay."

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"We need to make it easier for companies to access early-stage capital as well as growth capital, and make sure the right incentives are in place. Permit crowd-funding for early-stage ventures. We should allow up to a US$10,000 limit and maybe the overall offering is up to US$1m that basically allows entrepreneurs to aggregate relatively small checks from a large number of people."

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"Entrepreneurs need to look at ways to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs. The Startup America Partnership is trying to get more entrepreneurs to be mentors or angel investors — there are a variety of different ways you can contribute. I think it really is important that you're not just focused on your business, but also on helping the next generation of entrepreneurs."