Treps, be bold!


There's gold in California!

Every year in mid-November, California experiences a whole new gold rush. That's when over 2,000 treps and business luminaries head to Palm Springs for the EY Strategic Growth Forum® and the US Entrepreneur Of The Year™ awards.

We checked in with EY host Herb Engert to get his take on this year's conference. Herb urges the CEOs, entrepreneurs, advisors, investors and other senior business leaders attending to seize the day – or week – and all the opportunities available at this amazing gathering of entrepreneurial high-growth companies.

Read on for Herb's “three rules of the road” for any go-getter.


Rule 1: Be on the lookout

Network, lead, team, connect

Herb urges all treps, whether they are going to Palm Springs or not, to get engaged. But if you are going to be at the Strategic Growth Forum, then he urges you to get in there and take advantage of every opportunity to join the conversation—whether via your industry group, local market or the next big thing that interests you most. Look for fresh thinking. Team with the disrupters. Stake out those who offer perspective, advice and insight as you grow your company.


Rule 2: Be savvy

Seek both the money and the brains

Access to capital is critical. The right investor or strategic partner can help you navigate to the next stage of growth – but it's not always just about the money. With their industry knowledge and experience, venture capitalists and private equity can often provide the best possible beginning on your journey. Start-ups in emerging markets have been particularly leery of losing control to outsiders – but evidence shows that with the right partner, they are beginning to really evolve and thrive in their markets. The VC and PE world is becomingly increasingly globalized with hotbeds in the emerging markets, especially China, Brazil and parts of Africa, as well as their traditional homes in Silicon Valley, New York, Boston and Israel.


Rule 3: Be disruptive

Don't hang back

Disruption is always a good idea – in good times and slow markets. Be bold, take risks and remember only you can make it happen. When business is volatile, entrepreneurial thinking and transformative innovation take on even more of an urgent priority. And if your competitors and the bigger players are hanging back – as many tend to do when the outlook is uncertain – the world is counting on you to show the entrepreneurial spirit. No time like a downturn to jump in and seize the opportunities!