Conversations with treps


EY - Innovation Roundtable talks to Linda Jones of SightLife

"Funding, from both sides of the table"

•  Linda P. Jones, SightLife
•  Evan Morgan, Revolution Growth
•  Bryan Pearce, EY

EY interviews David Sokolsky

"How a fourth generation CEO keeps his family business innovating and thriving"

•  David Sokolsky, Daisy Brands



EY - Innovation Roundtable talks to Doug Higgins

"Working with corporate venture capital"

•  Doug Higgins, SAP Ventures



“Setting up business in China”

•  Liam Casey, Founder and CEO of PCH International



“How does your company use social media”

•  Eric Patel, Daiya Foods, Inc.
•  Labib Shalak, Mobinets


“Funding challenges”

•  Mary Jo Gorman, Advanced ICU Care
•  Dr. Christina Lampe-Önnerud, Boston Power


“Hiring, training and reverse mentoring”

•  Chris Dalton, Acquity Group
•  Allan Klotsche, Brady Corp.
•  Bülent Çelebi, AirTies Wireless




EY - Innovation Roundtable talks to Ross Perot

"Ross Perot talks to the Center about innovation,
startups and longevity in business"