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Defying convention on many levels

The 2013 Strategic Growth Forum, Palm Springs

By Maria Pinelli


25 November 2013

I can always count on the third week of November to absolutely inspire me. That's when I find myself in Palm Springs at the EY Strategic Growth Forum, surrounded by 2000 of the world's best entrepreneurs, market-leading CEOs, investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms and supporters of entrepreneurship.

This year, CEOs of leading global movers and shakers, like GE, Carlyle, Nike, Forbes, Intercontinental Exchange – gave us a real intellectual workout.

My takaways

See you next year

I may have just left Palm Springs, but I'm already thinking about next year. As always, the Strategic Growth Forum outdoes itself every year. And in 2014, I'm also looking forward to the very first Strategic Growth Forum to be held in Shanghai, 21-23 of May.

I'll see you there!

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