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Ready, Set, Grow

You've had the courage to go into business for yourself. Now you're at the point where the next stage of growth is critical to your company's success.

By Maria Pinelli


12 February 2014

Here is your opportunity to get mentoring feedback on your growth plans from award-winning entrepreneurs who were once in your shoes. The Trep Center sat down with Maria Pinelli, Global Vice Chair of EY's Growth Markets, to talk about how applying for the Ready, Set, Grow (RSG) mentoring program can help bring actionable insights to your growth planning process.

Q: What is the Ready, Set, Grow program?

A: EY has been promoting excellence in entrepreneurship through EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in the US since 1986. That has grown into the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year program.

Now, we want to help entrepreneurs advance at an earlier stage, before they get to EOY; that 2-year mark that's such a critical juncture, the stage where they really begin to create jobs and support our economy. But this is also the point where they can benefit most from other's guidance.

So we developed Ready, Set, Grow. It lets us reach out to these entrepreneurs at this stage — over two years old, but not as accomplished as we expect our EOY participants to be. Yet. I say "yet" because we hope they become EOY winners in the future. These early-stage treps are at a point where mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs can have the greatest impact. I think it's our mission to provide every opportunity to a high-potential entrepreneur who may one day vie to become World Entrepreneur Of The Year. That's really exciting.

Q: How will the selected RSG participants benefit?

A: This June, six treps will be our guests, at the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year in Monte Carlo. They'll present their growth plans to a panel of some of the world's top entrepreneurs and business creators in, may I add, one of the most beautiful settings on the planet.

Each participant will receive feedback, advice and guidance on their presentation. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we feel comes at just the right time. The RSG participants will also enjoy the amazing experience of being on the French Riviera -- at one of the most important entrepreneurial and business gatherings in the world.

They'll have the chance to network with 1,000 of the brightest entrepreneurs. We will also interview them for the EY Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and EYTV.

Q: Who can apply?

A: It's really simple. Applicants must be an owner, founder or CEO of a private company and be primarily responsible for the recent performance of the company. And the company must be at least two years old.

Q: How will the RSG participants be chosen?

A: An independent panel of mentors will choose the six final Ready, Set, Grow participants. They will use selection criteria that includes growth opportunity, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, financial performance, strategic direction, innovation and originality as well as people philosophy.

I urge anyone who is interested to hurry and apply. The deadline for applications is March 15th, so I encourage applicants to hurry. Just go to www.ey.com/readysetgrow to apply.

I look forward to hosting you in Monaco!

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