EY - iLabs participants at WEOY 2014 in Monte Carlo

Direct from Monte Carlo – the experience of top entrepreneurs and innovators

The annual EY World Entrepreneur Of  The Year event in Monte Carlo is a unique opportunity for some of the most dynamic global leaders, entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to network, share knowledge and celebrate achievements.

At this year's four-day event, private sessions called Innovation Labs, or iLabs, brought together luminaries in their respective disciplines to share their views and recommendations.  Here are some of the key takeaways we heard in these sessions.

Session: Building and leveraging a board

For private companies looking to grow while maintaining financial discipline and rigor, a board is more than simply a good idea — it's essential.


Session: On-line learning in frontier markets

In the developing world, digital technology offers great possibilities for education and advances in on-line learning.


Session: Consumer products and Innovation

Maintaining the attention and loyalty of today's' consumer means ensuring a steady creation of new ideas.


Session: Becoming digital

A transformational force, this continuous form of disruption must be applied to new and existing business models.  It leverages technology to tailor the customer experience across the multiple channels. Companies that expect to win in their industry must succeed on this digital journey.