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Entrepreneurship and innovation

Learning with the world’s finest entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are extraordinary people. Their ability to spot opportunities, innovate new ideas, overcome adversity and build brands is astonishing.

They have a thrilling approach to business life that many established companies look at in awe, and are desperate to copy.

Knowing what works

We’ve been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams for over 30 years and recognize the world’s best with our annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ Program.

By helping some incredible people, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how entrepreneurial businesses grow.

Our decades-long focus has made us world leaders in guiding, advising and recognizing outstanding entrepreneurial talent.

Whether you’re leading a start-up venture or running an established company, we can help your business become a market leader by sharing our knowledge of how entrepreneurs innovate and thrive.

Guiding all entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs create jobs, build economies and support communities. We believe entrepreneurial spirit can make the world a better place, so we encourage it wherever we find it. The people we help to succeed include:

  • High-potential female entrepreneurs – through our Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program
  • Disadvantaged young people – through our support for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
  • High-impact emerging market entrepreneurs – through our work with Endeavor, a global not-for profit organization


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