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Welcome to the online version of our award winning Exceptional magazine

In fields as diverse as private equity, bio-agriculture and beverages, the business leaders featured in our latest edition have blazed new trails.

Take David Rubenstein, Co-founder and Co-CEO of The Carlyle Group for example. He caused waves in the private equity sector by revolutionizing the way his firm went to market. While private equity firms had traditionally offered one fund, he took the bold move to offer multiple funds of different types and on a global basis.

Consider Pam Marrone. Combining two degrees in entomology with significant business acumen and a passion for discovery, Pam is redefining pest management, away from traditional chemical insecticide treatments to the use of safe biopesticides derived from nature. She’s finding safer options where no one else thought to look.

We also see how established entrepreneurs can play a critical role in encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in their own region. Akram Khreis, CEO of Jordan-based IBC Group, achieved success in the beverage production industry by building networks and strategic partnerships with other, more established, businesses.

Elsewhere in this issue, we shine a spotlight on the increasingly exciting role family offices are playing in preserving wealth, while our “Doing business in Russia” feature explores the prospects for growth in the world’s largest country.

It’s an action-packed edition, so take a look around and read about these inspiring market leaders and their journeys to success.