2017 Asia-Pacific program participants

Dr. Nikhil Pooviah

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EY - Dr. Nikhil Pooviah

Dr. Nikhil Pooviah
Co-founder and CEO

Dr. Nikhil Pooviah is the Co-founder and CEO of CancerAid. He was born in Sydney, Australia. He completed his medical degree at the University of Melbourne. Following this, he commenced Internship and Residency at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia. He was selected into the Radiation Oncology Specialist Training Program. The CancerAid initiative began two years ago, and in January 2016, Nikhil quit his prestigious oncology training position at the hospital to work on CancerAid full time. With CancerAid, he now has the opportunity to help millions of patients, rather than just one. This has become his passion and he looks forward to exciting new milestones in the initiative this year.

“We want to accelerate our business so it achieves the potential that we have envisaged — for CancerAid to become the go-to resource for cancer patents and caregivers on a global scale.”

Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh, Co-founder and COO, CancerAid and Dr. Nikhil Pooviah, Co-founder and CEO, CancerAid