2017 Asia-Pacific program participants

Wes Sonnenreich

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EY - Wes Sonnenreich

Wes Sonnenreich
Co-founder and Co-CEO

Wes Sonnenreich has 20 years of experience leading entrepreneurial companies and intrapreneurial teams. His passion is for improving the way in which we innovate and learn through technology. Prior to co-founding Intersective, Wes was the Executive Director of Deloitte’s award-winning National Innovation Program from 2010–13 and General Manager Science and Technology at Sirius Minerals — now a listed billion dollar multinational company. He founded and led several Information Technology and Consulting companies in Australia, Boston and New York in the education, pharmaceuticals and information security sectors.

Wes was an early pioneer in online education in the US, a hands-on product and software development leader, a computer science graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and of Harvard Business School’s executive MBA program. Wes is a widely published author, university lecturer and speaker.

“We want to accelerate our business to enable positive experiential learning for millions of people through our Practera platform, tools and apps. Programs like internships, apprenticeships, business projects and mentoring schemes build skills and human capital for more than one billion knowledge workers, and can be more efficiently supported at scale with Practera.”

Beau Leese, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Intersective and Wes Sonnenreich, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Intersective