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Welcome to Exceptional Extras where every quarter we highlight a new selection of articles from our award winning Exceptional magazine.

We believe that no entrepreneur is an island. Individual leaders may drive rapid growth in their business, but they also have to operate within a wider ecosystem, which can either help or hinder their success.

For some, it is past experiences that help to define the future. Joint managing directors, Peter and Richard Cullen of The Jelly Bean Factory built their business using lessons learned from working in a business that had to close down. For others, it’s pure circumstance. AfB founder and CEO Paul Cvilak’s focus broadened from profit to social values when the local employment office told him people with disabilities were looking for work.

We also hear from Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente  and a 30-year veteran of a vast health care enterprise. Tyson believes in harnessing the power of today’s technology to make high-quality health care more affordable and in using innovation to drive progress.

Alongside these stories you’ll also find features on: