Preparing for your IPO

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For most private businesses, an IPO will be a completely new experience. As any leader of a recently listed public business will tell you, the success of an IPO lies in the planning and preparation.

This is why EY has developed the IPO Retreats, an intensive, offsite education program, held in major markets around the world. The retreats have been specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business leaders who plan to take their company to the public markets.

At the retreat, participants have the opportunity to listen to professional advisors and senior executives of newly listed companies share their experiences, and learn what it takes to deliver a successful listing. Through the process, participants will not only have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of an IPO, but will also receive assistance to emerge with a clear action plan for becoming a public company.

To find out more about EY’s IPO Retreat Program, contact your local IPO professional.

How to do an IPO: going public and winning
Think you're ready for an IPO? In EY's guide to going public, we have found the critical factors that go into a successful initial public offering. Approaching the process as a transformation, acting like a public company well before the IPO, and outperforming the competition are all part of going public and winning.

Where’s the best place to take your IPO or secondary listing, and how do you build the right market strategy? Our guidewill help.