Which stock exchange is right for your business?

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When the time comes to take your company public, your choice of stock exchange isn't necessarily going to be straightforward.

While the majority of companies choose to list on their domestic stock exchanges, the globalization of capital has broadened the listing options around the globe.

Free-flowing capital, businesses without borders, and new economic growth centers are creating an environment of intensified global competition between the world's stock exchanges. As a result of these pressures, exchanges are actively seeking cross-border mergers, demutualizing, and even going public while deploying new technology and service offerings — all in an effort to win market share over their rivals.

"IPO insights: comparing global stock exchanges" is designed to be an objective, fact-based comparative tool for companies weighing exchange alternatives. Covering the Australian Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse, Euronext, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, and Tokyo Stock Exchange, it looks at:

  • stock exchange strategic focus
  • the types of companies listed and IPO activity
  • listing standards and fees
  • the process and timeline of going public
  • regulatory environment.

Alongside factors such as valuation, quality of investors, and market visibility, this information can act as a base upon which you can build your decision as to which stock exchange suits your company's long-term needs and business drivers.

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