The better the question. The better the answer. The better the world works. У вас есть вопрос? У нас есть ответ. Решая сложные задачи бизнеса, мы улучшаем мир. У вас є запитання? У нас є відповідь. Вирішуючи складні завдання бізнесу, ми змінюємо світ на краще. Meilleure la question, meilleure la réponse. Pour un monde meilleur. 問題越好。答案越好。商業世界越美好。 问题越好。答案越好。商业世界越美好。

When the old rules don't apply, who is making the new ones?

Tax services and contacts


The tax world is changing. But we’re here to help. EY has one of the world’s most globally coordinated tax networks, with 50,000 professionals in more than 140 countries dedicated to setting the standard for exceptional client service.

Our people and global resources can help you develop and execute business strategies quickly and effectively, with strong accountability and governance. We blend local country technical knowledge with appropriate regional and global insight on the latest developments in tax policy, legislation and administration.

EY offers leadership in all tax disciplines, including business tax, indirect tax, international tax, transaction tax, and tax-related issues associated with human capital and compliance and reporting. We invite you to leverage our people, our knowledge and our insights.

Jay NibbeEY Global Vice Chair - Tax

Area leaders

EY - Kate Barton

Kate Barton

EY Americas Tax Leader
Tel: +1 212 773 8762
EY - Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter

EY Asia-Pacific Tax Leader
Tel: +852 2849 9338
EY - York Zoellkau

York Zoellkau

EY EMEIA Tax Leader
Tel:+49 221 2779 25647
EY - Kenji Amino

Kenji Amino

EY Japan Tax Leader
Tel:+81 3 3506 2411

Business Tax Services

Business Tax Services (BTS) is a globally connected and globally coordinated tax planning and advisory practice.

It combines Business Tax Advisory (BTA) services with a proven combination of specialty service offerings, which enable us to provide insightful, multi country tax advisory services in a connected and consistent manner throughout every stage of the tax life cycle: planning, accounting, compliance and controversy.

We can fully support clients on a broad range of tax planning and advisory matters based on deep in-country tax technical knowledge and sector insights with a specific on Business Tax Advisory (BTA) services, Tax policy to assist in planning for adverse impacts, Tax controversy to assist in strategically managing and mitigating global tax risk and controversy issues, Tax Performance Advisory (TPA) for more efficient, effective and sustainable tax functions, and Private Client Services (PCS) for wealth and succession planning matters for privately held businesses and their owners.

EY - David Helmer

David Helmer

EY Global Business Tax Services Leader


+1 202 327 8355

Area Business Tax Services leaders

EY - Sandra Wells

Sandra Wells

EY Americas Business Tax Services Leader
Tel:+1 214 969 8472
EY - Tracy Ho

Tracy Ho

EY Asia-Pacific Business Tax Services Leader
Tel: +852 2846 9065
EY - Regis Houriez

Regis Houriez

EY EMEIA Business Tax Services Leader
+33 1 5561 1206
EY - Shinichi Tanimoto

Shinichi Tanimoto

EY Japan Business Tax Services Leader
+81 3 3506 2411

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Global Compliance and Reporting

Our Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR) practice operates at the intersection of Finance and Tax with an integrated approach that spans both a company’s tax life cycle and the key filing and statutory reporting processes within record-to-report.

GCR draws on competencies throughout EY service lines to help you meet compliance and reporting challenges around the world, enabling greater visibility and control across the tax and finance functions.

Our GCR practice provides access the resources of our dedicated compliance and reporting professionals in one country or globally with a single point of contact, and our market-leading One Global Methodology connects our extensive global network of GCR professionals, supporting standardized methodology and consistent service in 140+ countries. Keen to all aspects of digital responsiveness, EYKeySpace™ integrates these global and local systems in a single powerful portal that allows data and information to be shared and reported across countries and processes, keeping GCR ahead of the curve.

EY - Jon Dobell

Jon Dobell

EY Global Global Compliance and Reporting Leader


+44 (0) 2 8295 6949

Area Global Compliance and Reporting leaders

EY - Doug Mastrangeli

Doug Mastrangeli

EY Americas Global Compliance and Reporting Leader
Tel : +1 312 879 4488
EY - Margherita Antonelli

Margherita Antonelli

EY Asia-Pacific Global Compliance and Reporting Leader
Tel: +61 403 345 316
EY - Chris Platteeuw

Chris Platteeuw

EY EMEIA Global Compliance and Reporting Leader
Tel: +32 2 774 9784
EY - Kazuhiro Ebina

Kazuhiro Ebina

EY Japan Global Compliance and Reporting Leader
Tel: +81 3 3506 2411

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Indirect Tax Services

Our network of dedicated Indirect Tax professionals provide seamless, consistent service throughout the world and will help you deal effectively with current and potential cross-border issues ranging from value-added tax (VAT) and goods and service tax (GST), customs duties and insurance premium tax to environmental and excise taxes.

We help clients by advising on the VAT treatment of new and complex transactions and supplies, and helping resolve classification or other disputes and issues with the authorities.

We provide proven assistance in identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes throughout the tax life cycle. We provide proactive insights, such as interactive maps, to keep clients abreast of changes happening around the world in VAT, GST and other sales taxes to visualize the volume and breadth of indirect tax changes across the globe, allowing you to consider their impact, potential opportunities and obligations and comprehensive reports to offer detailed insights for businesses operating successfully in this new tax environment.

EY - Gijsbert Bulk

Gijsbert Bulk

EY Global Indirect Tax Services Leader


+31 (88) 407-1175

Area Indirect Tax Services leaders

EY - Brad B Withrow

Brad B Withrow

EY Americas Indirect Tax Leader
Tel : +1 615 252 2050
EY - Adrian Ball

Adrian Ball

EY Asia-Pacific Indirect Tax Leader
Tel: +65 6309 8787
EY - Kevin MacAuley

Kevin MacAuley

EY EMEIA Indirect Tax Leader
Tel: +44 20 7951 5728
EY - Yoichi Ohira

Yoichi Ohira

EY Japan Indirect Tax Leader
Tel : +81 3 3506 2411

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International Tax Services

International Tax Services (ITS) provides corporate income tax advice on all aspects of cross-border transactions, including global treasury management, corporate legal structure, transfer pricing policy and execution and cross-border controversy management.

Using our multidisciplinary teams, we work to help manage all aspects related to income taxation of cross border business transactions, including corporate transactions, company capitalization, cross-border treasury including repatriation issues and transfer pricing matters — from forward planning, through reporting, to maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Our services include our market-leading Global Tax Desk Network which is a team of highly experienced professionals from multiple countries to assist our clients with their cross-border tax structuring, planning, reporting and risk management and our European Tax services for experienced help with proactive and integrated tax strategies for all Member States. A full view of our proactive and integrated global tax strategies that address the tax risks of today's businesses and achieve sustainable growth can be found at our Cross Border Tax Advisory page.

Area International Tax Services leaders

EY - Jeffrey M Michalak

Jeffrey M Michalak

EY Americas International Tax Services Leader
Tel +1 313 628 8460
EY - Alice Chan

Alice Chan

EY Asia-Pacific International Tax Services Leader
Tel: +852 2629 3882
EY - Matthew Mealey

Matthew Mealey

EY EMEIA International Tax Services Leader
Tel: +44 20 7951 0739
EY - Jonathan Stuart-Smith

Jonathan Stuart-Smith

EY Japan International Tax Services Leader
Tel : +81 3 3506 2426

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Our lawyers understand the increasingly complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of this global economy and provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions.

To tailor our advice to our clients’ business needs, our lawyers work alongside professionals from other parts of EY’s business, including Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory. Serving you across borders, our sector-focused, multidisciplinary approach means we offer integrated and comprehensive pertinent advice you can trust.

Working with centrally managed cross-border teams and with single responsible country contacts, our controlled, efficient services around the world assist your business wherever required, including Corporate Law, Labor & Employment Law, Transaction Law, Digital Law and other service offerings to address the needs of today’s business.

Area Law leaders

EY - Carolyn Libretti

Carolyn Libretti

EY Americas Law Leader
Tel : +1 305 206 4427
EY - Dmitry Tetiouchev

Dmitry Tetiouchev

EY Asia-Pacific Law Leader
Tel: +65 6309 8221
EY - Cornelius Grossmann

Cornelius Grossmann

EY Global and EMIEA Law Leader
Tel: +49 30 25471 25050
EY - Junzaburo Kiuchi

Junzaburo Kiuchi

EY Japan Tax Leader
Tel : +81 3 3509 1733

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Labor and employment law challenges in business transformations

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People Advisory Services

We provide an end-to-end offering to address complex people, organizational and compliance issues. Our global ecosystem of more than 10,300 consultants and industry professionals work with clients to create effective approaches, driven by a shared sense of purpose and values.

The diversity of our talent, global connectivity and collaborative philosophy means we’re inspired to help deliver long-lasting change, performance and results.

Across the world, every organization wants to know how to gain a competitive advantage through its people — the right people with the right capability, in the right place, at the right time, for the right cost, doing the right things.

EY’s People Advisory Services works globally to help address business issues relating to organization transformation, end-to-end employee lifecycles, effective talent deployment, gaining value from evolving and virtual workforces, and the changing role of HR. We also help clients resolve the complexity of their global business travel and mobility programs; manage risk and compliance of international travel and immigration; and track the impact of these programs on business performance.

EY - Michael Bertolino

Michael Bertolino

EY Global People Advisory Services Leader


+44 20 7980 0558

Area People Advisory Services leaders

EY - George Brooks

George Brooks

EY Americas People Advisory Services Leader
Tel : +1 212 773 8237
EY - Darren Gibson

Darren Gibson

EY Asia-Pacific People Advisory Services Leader
Tel: +61 2 9248 4970
EY - Dina Pyron

Dina Pyron

EY EMEIA People Advisory Services Leader
Tel: +44 20 7980 0679
EY - Shinichiro Uzawa

Shinichiro Uzawa

EY Japan People Advisory Services Leader
Tel : +81 3 3503 1490

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Tax Technology and Transformation Services

Tax Technology and Transformation Services (TTT) is a global practice focused on building Connected Tax, the new paradigm for today’s tax function.

Connected is the new normal, with digital disruption giving rise to global connectedness that links customers and clients across new technology platforms, with new working relationships and business models. TTT helps the tax function keeps pace.

TTT takes a fundamentally different look at the tax function and what it takes to operate in a hyper-connected global economy. That includes addressing unprecedented strategic and operational challenges, acting on digital tax authorities’ demands for real-time access to data and responding to rapid innovation in technology.

TTT brings together the new breed of tax technologists with operational and transformation strategists and tax technical advisors, working in a unique team structure fit for this digital world. Our practices and methodologies help companies navigate a new tax ecosystem, building a more efficient and cost-effective future in the new reality of connected tax.

EY - Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith

EY Global Tax Technology Transformation Services Leader


+1 704 331 1951

Area Tax Tech Transformation Services leaders

EY - Kurt Neidhardt

Kurt Neidhardt

EY Americas Tax Tech Transformation Service Leader
Tel : +1 212 773 2283
EY - Albert Lee

Albert Lee

EY Asia-Pacific Tax Tech Transformation Service Leader
Tel: +852 2629 3318

Rod Roman

EY EMEIA Tax Tech Transformation Service Leader
Tel: +44 20 7951 1549


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GCR and EYKeySpace

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Transaction Tax Services

Every transaction has tax implications, whether it’s an acquisition, disposal, refinancing, restructuring or initial public offering.

Our global network of Transaction Tax professionals consists of more than 1,800 professionals who work on some of the most complex and high-profile transactions in the market. We actively help our clients to effectively navigate the myriad of tax issues that arise across the transaction life cycle in order to maximize the transaction value, and our extensive cross-border experience, strong international network and increasingly broad commercial focus will allow us to proactively advise our clients on their most critical strategic opportunities and issues.

Whether a client is looking to raise, invest, optimize or preserve capital, EY’s integrated approach and proven professionals on our Transaction Tax teams mitigate transaction risk, enhance opportunity and provide crucial negotiation insights.

EY - Bridget Walsh

Bridget Walsh

EY Global Transaction Tax Services Leader


+44 (0)20 7951 4176

Area Transaction Tax Services leaders

EY - Torsdon Poon

Torsdon Poon

EY Americas Transaction Tax Services Leader
Tel: +1 213 977 3183
EY - Ian R Scott

Ian R Scott

EY Asia-Pacific Transaction Tax Services Leader
Tel: +61 2 9248 4774
EY - Rocio Reyero Folgado

Rocio Reyero Folgado

EY EMEIA Transaction Tax Services Leader
Tel: +34 9157 27383
EY - Masako Kanaya

Masako Kanaya

EY Japan Transaction Tax Services Leader
Tel: +81 3 3506 2430

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