Human Capital Conference 2012


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Taking your networking to a different level

What is it?

Spotme is a ‘Virtual Assistant’ solution to enhance the interactivity of events. A handheld device that would replace paper-based materials and information that event attendees would usually receive. Every piece of information you gather, notes you make, pdf’s you download or business cards you exchange will be sent to you via email with a link to your own personal webpage at the end of the Human Capital Conference.

Why should I use it?

Key benefits for you are that it will accelerate networking and increase your communication with fellow attendees. You will be able to find people (using a radar tool), exchange information and ideas, and proactively interact with an event through interactive voting. The system will manage your personal agenda, including your registered sessions and any one-to-one meetings that you arrange for during the Forum.

What does it do? How does it work?

When you arrive and register you will receive your device and have a quick photograph taken. The device would be loaded with all delegate photos and business card details and additionally include an impressive list of functionality.

Networking tool:

  • Business card transfer — when devices are held together
  • Spot me — search for an individual by typing their name and their photo will show up so you know who to look for; a radar (based on radio frequency) will also tell you where they are
  • Personal messaging — send messages to individuals you would like to meet
  • Easy follow–up post event — your private information will be accessible via a password protected website

Interactive meeting tool:

  • Audience response or voting — immediate polling via handset devices
  • Q&A, comments to speakers — immediate through handset devices
  • Team activities — team quiz at the Thursday night gala dinner

Meeting logistics tool:

  • Paperless agenda — updated automatically when you sign up to attend different sessions
  • Personalized session assignments, floor plans and attendee lists
  • Survey feature — a quick–fire question after each session to see how you rated it
  • With limited numbers on sessions like the breakout session, breakfast sessions and limited private meeting room space, Spotme will ensure you get into the session you signed up for
  • Housekeeping notes, instant messages from EY and last minute changes/announcements like room changes etc. will be notified immediately