Human Capital Conference 2012

Breakout 1

Mobility Services

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Global payroll management: the Daimler story

This session will illustrate the lessons learned when introducing compensation accumulation on a global basis. Discussing the Daimler business case from an operational measures perspective, presenters will offer leading practices and the key messages resulting from this journey.

Tracking business travelers and cross-border issues

Many organizations increasingly are becoming aware of the challenges and risks associated with tracking business travelers. This session will focus on how to manage the challenges of tracking these business travelers by offering alternative tracking techniques, as well as practical examples of organizations that have successfully tackled this issue.

An inevitable challenge: global equity programs and trailing stock options

Managing a global equity program and dealing with the ongoing tax and regulatory challenges can be difficult for any organization — no matter how big or small. During this session, Ernst & Young subject matter professionals and corporate presenters will examine the latest regulatory changes and trends in this area, as well as discuss how companies are dealing with trailing equity arrangements for mobile employees.

The future of compliance: HR’s role

This session will discuss ethics, integrity and compliance from an HR perspective and will explore the future compliance role of HR. Session panelists will present conceptual and real-world content, working with attendees to jointly develop a role for the future HR organization.

Building a policy from the bottom up

If you are thinking of building or reviewing your mobility policy, this session is for you! During the session, you will receive step-by-step instructions to help shape your policy. In addition, hear from corporate executives as they discuss their experiences creating mobility policies, and our subject matter resources will share the things to watch out for and the tools to use.

Global Mobility transformation: the inside story

Hear how two major global organizations have reviewed their mobility function and learn about the approach they have taken to achieve the best operational model as they continue the journey to realize optimal business results.

Managing global mobiliity risk: is cost the barrier?

Many organizations are now placing higher emphasis on appropriate risk management of their mobility programs — but at what cost? In this session you will hear how two global organizations have approached and effectively managed this issue. In addition, our Ernst & Young mobility team will discuss the key areas of risk that should be specifically addressed in any mobility program.

Strategic growth markets: Africa — hot topics (2)

With a vast array of countries to deal with across the African continent, it is clear that there are many opportunities and challenges for organizations in the area of mobility. Hear from organizations with direct experience in this region, as well as from our Ernst & Young professionals, about how best to manage your assignees both now and in the future in this complex location.

Intercultural awareness: the key to successful international cooperation?

During this session, Dr. Fritz Audebert will discuss the importance of intercultural awareness as a critical component to effective international cooperation. He will focus on emerging markets, such as China, India, Turkey, Russia, etc., and will share various real-life examples of international cooperation. You will also learn about globalization and intercultural consequences when traveling abroad.

Sending employees to a new country. What questions should you be asking?

When sending employees to a new country, what are the key questions you need to ask your corporate colleagues or your service providers? Hear from company representatives with firsthand knowledge of understanding these barriers as they discuss the challenges they faced when moving employees overseas. Come away from the session with a practical checklist of how to break down these barriers.

Strategic growth markets: Brazil and South America — hot topics (1)

With its diverse laws and country mix, sending assignees to Brazil and South America is not an easy task. This session is not to be missed for those companies with large assignee numbers in this challenging region. Managing this fast-paced environment requires those overseeing mobility programs to support the risk and planning processes effectively. Hear from organizations that have operations in this region and how they have worked through these challenges.