Human Capital Conference 2012

Breakout 2

Talent, Reward and Governance

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Performance based remuneration: the way forward

Hear from our corporate presenters as they analyze some of the key trends across the globe in the area of performance-based pay and the approach to short-term and long-term incentives going forward.

Remuneration as a lever for cultural change

Hear fascinating insights from a global organization, spanning more than 50,000 employees across the globe, where a substantial change to its remuneration approach supported fundamental cultural — and business — change. This session will highlight Leighton Holdings' journey of executive and senior management remuneration redesign, performance management, HR development and succession planning.

The global employment taxes landscape: the hidden gems!

As governments continue to tighten policy to raise additional revenue, employment tax receipts are firmly in their sight; however, key planning mechanisms for your organization are still out there. You will want to attend this session as the “hidden gems” in the global employment taxes landscape will be revealed.

Human Capital and M&A: you can’t have one without the other

The success of an M&A is dependent on effective input from your HR function. In this session you will hear thought-provoking case studies and discuss the dependency on specific input from HR to the M&A process. This session will provide you with key concepts and practical application for your organization.

Remuneration governance and financial services

In this session you will hear from major global organizations in the financial services industry about how remuneration governance is impacting their approach to business and how to manage risk and compliance in this area.