Human Capital Conference 2012

Breakout 4


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Contrast and compare: The Global Mobility Effectiveness Survey

Are you interested in learning more about what other global mobility professionals perceive as their biggest challenges and priorities? In this session you will be able to compare your mobility function with others in the market by gaining an understanding of our 2012 Global Mobility Effectiveness Survey results. The survey reported regional perspectives on global mobility and, this year, included a particular focus on how multinational companies are dealing with assignments to and from emerging markets.

Policy trends over the world

This session will explore the current global trends in mobility policy design and application and will also delve into regional trends from the Americas, EMEIA and Asia-Pacific. You will hear about the approaches multinational organizations have used and are preparing to use to manage the current and future challenges around mobility policies. In addition, this session will enable you to benchmark your international assignment program against current market practice.

Keeping up with global mobility technology trends

This session will explore the latest trends in mobility technology, with a focus on how organizations have strategically invested in technology solutions to reduce their risk footprint. Hear directly from your peers as to how they have successfully tackled the challenge of technology in their global mobility programs.

Global payroll: myth or reality

The global payroll landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. With the introduction of new vendor service delivery models and global capabilities, payroll administration is becoming conceptually possible across complex organizations. However, many people still wonder: is global payroll a myth or reality? This session will help you understand how global payroll managers perceive global payroll within the context of their culture and governance models.

Talent management and mobility: how, not why

Talent management remains a strong focus for many organizations. So what is the best way to link this to mobility? What are the specific examples and metrics used? How can and should this be aligned to business strategy? During this session, you will hear how some organizations have answered these questions as they present specific techniques used at their companies and how these techniques made a difference. You will have the opportunity to learn from their experience and explore ways to apply this learning to your own program.

Global employment organizations: who, where, what, why and how?

Should you follow the many organizations that have implemented a global employment organization model? During this session, you will hear from professionals working for organizations that have made the transition as they discuss:

  • The drivers that led them to this decision
  • The benefits of implementing a global employment organization
  • The methodology/processes used to implement their model