Guest Speaker Caspar Berry

Plenary session 4

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Plenary 4:

Caspar Berry - Professional film writer and poker player

We are also pleased to share with you another charismatic speaker for this year's Human Capital Conference, Caspar Berry, who is a highly distinctive corporate speaker with a unique and challenging message that forces people to question many of the things they take for granted. Drawing on his diverse range of experiences in poker, business and life, Caspar has created a range of workshops, seminars and speeches that deliver powerful and pertinent messages about the way we think, particularly when it comes to risk-taking, communicating, decision-making and innovating.

Caspar takes a fresh look at the way individuals approach risk and take decisions in order to gain a competitive edge. The key message is that understanding how to take calculated risks is critical in the creation of dynamic leaders and managers who will innovate and change the world around them.