Human Capital Conference 2012

Breakout 5

Data protection, Legal/Immigration issues and Social Security

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Global HR data privacy: current and future state

In today’s environment, employee and consumer data theft has become a commonplace occurrence. Dealing with this issue is an important component of your mobility program. In this session you will learn about the current global data privacy practices, policies and risks in today’s constantly evolving business environment.

Immigration: what you need to know now

Understanding the latest immigration trends and practices is critical to effectively manage your mobility program. In this session you will hear from company representatives as they discuss some of their biggest challenges in this area, as well as insights into the future direction of immigration legislation and government policy.

Megatrends: risks and HR advocacy

Is your organization equipped to deal with the current risk-filled climate? This session will help you understand the risks that your organization may face, their possible implications and how they could impact the mobility of your people. A broad range of hot topics will be covered, including short-term business travelers, demographics, the increasing tendency for representations to be made and for governments to protect their local workforce, revenue pressures and the ongoing challenges of immigration in developing markets.

International Social Security: a practical guide

If your mobility program involves countries with a social security regime, you already know that there are significant costs involved. This session will include a panel discussion to examine recent legislative changes in various locations, including the EU, India, China and South America. This session also will consider how to manage social security costs in a way that could yield significant benefits to your organization, including the best strategies to use, the market trends and the dos and don'ts of practical implementation.

Managing the legal minefield

How do you get through the barrier of managing key labor challenges across Europe? Hear from a panel of corporations as to how they manage these challenges, as well as from Ernst & Young's most experienced professionals in this area.