Global Tax Alert | 20 March 2014

China relaxes company registration formalities

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China has amended the Company Law (New Company Law), effective 1 March 2014 in an effort to streamline the registration formalities and relax the minimum registered capital requirements when setting up a company in China. In conjunction with the New Company Law, certain related laws and regulations have been amended accordingly; however, foreign invested limited companies and joint stock limited companies (FIEs) must also comply with the special regulations provided by FIE related law and regulations.

Minimum registered capital

The New Company Law removed the minimum registered capital requirement. However, FIEs are still required to satisfy a specific registered capital amount in proportion the total investment amount1 in accordance with the special FIE regulation. Accordingly, FIEs need to evaluate their operational needs to determine the amount of investment they require. The minimum registered capital would be computed as a specific percentage of the total investment amount.

Capital infusion time frame

The New Company Law repeals the specified timeframe in which full capital payments were required. Shareholders only need to state the committed capital amount in the articles of incorporation. In addition, FIEs should comply with the FIE regulations by stating the committed capital amount in the application letter for setting up a company.

Non-monetary capital contribution

While the New Company Law revoked the minimum cash contribution requirement,2 FIEs are still subject to the FIE rules that require industry property and know-how as capital contribution to be no more than 20% of the registered capital.

The amendments provide certain improvement and flexibility for foreign investors in setting up a company in China. However, it is recommended that taxpayers seek professional advice when setting up a new Chinese company and funding a Chinese subsidiary due to complexities and various registration requirements.


1. The total investment amount refers to the amount of capital required for FIE's projected operations, including working capital needs, and acquisition of fixed and other assets. It can be funded in the form of capital and debt.

2. The cash contribution was required to be no less than 30% of the registered capital.

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