Global Tax Alert | 17 December 2013

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs increases research and development allowance

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Executive summary

The Dutch Government recognizes the importance of innovation for companies and has introduced a number of incentives for Dutch taxpayers to perform research and development activities (R&D). On 9 December 2013, the Dutch Minister of Economic affairs amended one of these incentives, the so–called R&D Allowance (RDA). Under the amendment – which will be applicable for the calendar year 2014 – the incentive is being improved and taxpayers can now deduct an additional 60% for qualifying R&D-costs and expenses, resulting in a net tax benefit of 15%.

Detailed discussion


Over the past few years, the Dutch Government has introduced a number of incentives for Dutch taxpayers to perform R&D activities. Since 2007, a special tax regime is in place that reduces corporate income taxation on income that is derived from qualifying R&D (Innovation box). Furthermore, the so-called WBSO (Act on stimulating R&D) is available which offers a payroll tax reduction for employers in relation to innovative activities. Finally, in 2012 the RDA was introduced which allows an additional corporate income tax deduction for R&D costs and investments.

Research and Development Allowance

The RDA grants the taxpayer an additional deduction for R&D-costs (not being labor costs) and expenses that are directly related to R&D projects. The additional deduction will lower a company's taxable profit and thus the corporate income tax due, or increases tax losses which may be used to off-set taxable profits from the previous year or the nine successive years. For 2013, the additional deduction was determined at 54% of the qualifying costs and expenses.

Additional deduction for 2014

The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs has increased the additional deduction on R&D-costs to 60% as from 1 January 2014 through 31 December 2014. The Dutch corporate income tax rate being 25%, this results in a net tax benefit of 15%.


With the further increased RDA, taxpayers contemplating R&D projects should review the various incentives for innovation in the Netherlands to identify potential benefits and understand the application of incentives.

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