The Global Withholding Tax Reporter

Discover your one-stop information source for withholding tax rates and rules around the globe

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What is the Global Withholding Tax Reporter?

The Global Withholding Tax Reporter (GWTR) is your single-source tool on withholding tax rates and rules portfolio income in 100 markets of investment from 207 markets of investor. Detailed tax technical information is provided regarding:

  • Income: Portfolio dividends, interest, capital gains, mutual fund distributions, REITs, stamp duties and VAT
  • Procedures: relief-at-source, reclaims, statute of limitations, penalties and interest, tax forms and filing instructions
  • Treaty eligibility for 11 beneficial owners (CIVs, partnerships, pensions, individuals, etc.)
  • Alternative investment strategies (add-on): futures, forwards, swaps, repos, short sales and ABS

What sets the Global Withholding Tax Reporter apart?

  • Monthly updates
  • Detailed investor type analyses as it relates to treaty eligibility
  • Answers to questions within the scope of the GWTR at no extra charge
  • Tailored subscription plans to meet specific needs
  • A fully dedicated and experienced group of global tax professionals

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EY - Rapid Security Analyzer

Rapid Security Analyzer

Increased global investing has intensified the need for a solution to identify interest and capital gains liabilities more frequently and efficiently. The RSA automates the process of analyzing investment portfolios for interest and capital gains liabilities at the financial instrument level. The RSA’s reports reflect the tax rate and associated tax rule for each security or position analyzed (including netting rules), as well as the tax considerations noted with the status of each security. The tool covers 77 investment markets, 16 fund types and 12 instrument categories and continues to expand its coverage.

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EY - Mark-to-Market

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Preparation of book/tax adjustment calculations and Form 8621s for PFIC holdings electing mark-to-market (MTM) treatment can be time consuming and cumbersome. Ernst & Young LLP’s PFIC MTM service uses an automated tool to streamline this process by computing the book/tax adjustment calculations at October 31, fiscal year-end, and interim periods in an efficient and accurate manner, mitigating risk and reducing the time associated with manual preparation. In addition, the PFIC MTM service provides completed Form 8621s and respective attachments for filing with the tax return.

EY - Per Se Analyzer

Per Se Analyzer

The EY Per Se Analyzer helps determine whether a foreign or US equity issuer is considered “per se” under US Treasury Regulations §301.7701-2(b). US asset managers making global investments can minimize risk for their sovereign wealth fund clients, with respect to tainting their tax exempt status. One way to manage this is to confirm that the investments qualify to be treated as per se corporations for US tax purposes. The EY Per Se Analyzer can help by reviewing current and potential investments for per se status. To date, Ernst & Young LLP has reviewed approximately 80,000 issuers (US and foreign).