Road map to carve-out sale success

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Are you considering selling a business based on a strategic portfolio review?

What would it take to sign the deal in just six months?

Successful sellers understand that carving out a business is often more complex than acquiring one. Selling a carve-out requires a greater level of planning, effort and urgency. But, thinking like a buyer helps you control and expedite the process.

Here we highlight the critical steps to getting a deal signed in six months. First, company leadership needs to mobilize a multidisciplinary team and establish a governance structure that defines the transaction timeline, goals, roles and responsibilities. This team represents the entire enterprise, including tax, finance, supply chain, information technology, human resources, legal and communications. With the governance structure in place, the teams must prioritize high-impact tax, financial and operational separation work streams.


Carve-out road map timeline

EY - Carve-out road map timeline