Technology risk: are your IT controls an asset or a liability?

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IT controls protect critical areas such as intellectual property, customer data and employee privacy. They also ensure the business has the right balance of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Executives need to understand IT risk along with the other risks facing the business, and be able to answer the following questions:

  • Where are your most significant IT risks?
  • Who is responsible for managing them — the CFO? IT? Internal audit?
  • How are you responding to these risks?

Moving beyond compliance

Organizations are moving beyond regulatory and corporate compliance to protect their brand and reputation. EY's "2008 Global Information Security Survey" looks at the current state of information security, and offers recommendations for creating an improvement agenda for the future.

IT Trends: Cost reduction through virtualization and cloud computing

Cost reduction is “top-of-mind” for most business executives in today’s turbulent environment and IT functions are a likely target. Many organizations are looking to drive costs out of the IT function, and still others are looking for ways where technology can help rationalize costs across the enterprise. EY has published a new whitepaper that addresses two important IT cost reduction opportunities—virtualization and cloud computing (pdf, 443 kb).