Making the most of your most valuable resource

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The war for talent doesn’t stop during a downturn – it gets worse. Forward-thinking organizations use innovative talent-management approaches to gain a competitive advantage, to help them ride out the downturn and create a strong platform for recovery and growth.

So at the same time as looking to identify and implement employee cost reduction initiatives, you need to find ways of holding on to and developing your top talent. Our human capital professionals can help you in this.

EY’s global mobility team advises many of the world’s largest global employers — as well as those just venturing into their first foreign country.

Our performance and reward professionals help you design compensation programs and equity incentives that really engage your key people. We help you meet your executive tax compliance obligations, stay on top of regulatory change, manage your global talent effectively and improve your function’s strategic alignment. So you get the support you need to manage your most valuable resource through challenging times.

How companies use teams to drive performance

Companies across the world agree that teams are essential to drive superior performance. In this research report, we explore the various aspects of teaming.

Women of Africa: untapped economic force

Women of Africa is set to stimulate debate among global policy-makers, business leaders and development agencies around the mechanisms needed to support women to reach their full potential. We highlight evidence and case studies that argue the case for women as critical catalysts for meaningful economic growth and development in Africa.

The human element of economic turbulence: cost reduction

With a severe economic slowdown in the global economy, cost reduction efforts are taking on increased importance for companies seeking to maintain profitability and remain competitive. New thought leadership (pdf, 712kb) from EY's Human Capital professionals explores some of the opportunities — and challenges — facing employers as they work at reducing their employment costs en route to achieving their full potential.

Taking hold of global mobility risk

Two factors lie at the heart of global mobility risk: complexity and change. Since neither of these is going to disappear any time soon, the challenge is how to deal with them. Our Human Capital professionals Taking Hold of Global Mobility Risk (pdf, 144kb) on how companies can control and mitigate the myriad challenges inherent in doing business globally.