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Performance Improvement

To reach their potential, organisations must continuously improve their performance and sustain that improvement. To help you meet this challenge, we have assembled a growing number of highly skilled advisory professionals who work in a proactive, collaborative and objective way.

Our professionals bring personal experience of working with major organisations to make change happen. They can help you deliver measurable and sustainable improvement in the performance of your business by focusing on services in finance, supply chain and customer, supported by the key enabling competencies of programme management, strategic direction, people and organisation and IT advisory.

We assemble the right multidisciplinary teams, use consistent and proven global methodologies and tools, and draw on the full breadth of our global reach, capabilities and experience to help our clients, wherever they are in the world. We can help you deliver measurable and sustainable improvement in the performance of your business by providing consulting services across all business functions.

Our key service offerings are as follows:

 Customer Relationship Management

By seeking commercial excellence in every aspect of your interactions with suppliers and customers, you can maximise your chances of realising the full value from these relationships. For buyers, this means building a vendor management culture to gain full control of the procurement process, from initial negotiations onwards. Sales and account teams should be focused on retention and cross-selling, through greater coordination and an understanding of client needs. Strong governance is at the heart of commercial excellence, to ensure compliance with contracts and internal policies, and to track benefits, through ongoing monitoring supported by good management information.

Cost reduction is a “top-of-mind” issue for most business executives in today’s turbulent environment.  Organisations that approach their cost reduction efforts in a strategic manner have the opportunity to significantly strengthen their competitive position from a cost perspective rather than just survive the current economic downturn. Activity-based cost reduction is a strategic response to cost cutting that provides sustainable benefits.  We are working with organisations in developing and executing strategies for reducing costs without impairing business value or service quality.   Our framework is comprehensive, addressing all possible pain points our client organisations are facing today.  Taking a holistic approach to meeting your cost and cash challenge can help shape the right transformation programme.

Our Economic Advisory teams provide deep sector knowledge with strong technical skills in economics, econometrics and quantitative analysis to address key issues in strategy, regulation, competition, planning, valuation and government policy.

Organisations need the vision to see the big picture and the precision to see the smallest

of details. This type of clarity can only be achieved when enterprise data is under control, aligned with business priorities and recognised as a strategic business asset.

Harnessing the power of your company’s enterprise data begins with understanding its origin and purpose.  Our enterprise intelligence team focuses exclusively on serving the needs of your business. As a result, we are at the forefront of some of Ireland’s largest transformational programmes. We understand how data can be used to interpret and adapt to shifting customer behaviours, comply with emerging regulatory requirements and improve business performance.

We have helped organisations rethink how data is captured, stored and used by the business and executive leadership. We’ve applied advanced analytics to solve complex business, performance management and risk and compliance problems and shown our clients how to parlay short-term investments into a long-term strategy that turns information into a competitive differentiator.

We work with clients to address issues of importance to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in creating value and delivering world-class finance capabilities. Drawing on our experience and a multidisciplinary approach, we can help you with:

• Transforming your finance operating model

• Designing and managing outsourcing, offshoring and shared service centre arrangements

• Sharpening your performance management framework

• Designing and implementing financial systems

• Conceiving and implementing enterprise cost management systems.

IT is a crucial part of any performance improvement programme.  Developing an effective and efficient IT system to support business strategy is a key objective for today’s CIO.

Understanding IT architecture and strategy is central to our capability.  Our expertise on various IT governance approaches and options, and our ability to look at the risks and issues for future state models places us in a unique proposition to deliver IT architecture and strategy advice.

We can help you:

• Maximise value derived from IT investment

• Manage efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations

• Develop IT roadmap and strategy

• Design and plan IT architecture

• Transform IT operations.

Organisational change stems from people. Helping them understand and accept new business processes is the key to implementing change successfully.

Our approach to helping you manage change can lead to achieving the necessary buy-in and understanding. Shaped by your business needs and objectives, the approach works by helping your people understand the case for change, the technology that can help make it happen and the business processes and industry environment in which you operate.

Working with you, our experienced teams will help you accelerate measurable change throughout your organisation. We’ll start by diagnosing your organisation’s readiness for rapid change and then look for “quick wins” that can generate early momentum. Large-scale stakeholder engagement initiatives will include workshops; interactive town hall sessions, pulse surveys and more, with progress regularly measured using an integrated, milestone-based blueprint.

This approach will help your organisation:

• Align and engage leaders

• Communicate with stakeholders with inclusive, high-impact approaches

• Articulate vision and goals at every level of the organisation

• Align processes, governance and culture with the desired future state

• Reduce disruptions

• Help people develop the skills they need to assume new roles.

This process results in rapid adoption of improved practices, realisation of target benefits and the ability to sustain the desired change over time.

From business-led change initiatives, to regulatory driven change to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, companies are managing larger portfolios of projects and programmes than ever before and on larger scales.

Given that complexity is greater than it has ever been the need for true ‘major programme’ management experience and expertise is critical for programme success.

Programme and project management focuses on assessing the full lifecycle risks of programmes, improving project performance, and identifying the governance and processes required to increase the visibility, predictability and benefit realisation of critical business initiatives.

Our highly structured delivery method focuses on five key areas:

• Benefits and value management

• Project portfolio management and governance

• Project management office (PMO)

• Vendor management

• Quality assurance and risk management

You know that your supply chain has the potential to be a key competitive differentiator. Leading organisations are increasingly looking at improving the performance of their supply chains to deliver reduced cost, increased revenue and most importantly increased shareholder and customer value.

We collaborate with high performing organisations to assist with strategy through to execution, in order to:

• Provide insight into the health of supply chains by using a robust set of data analytics

• Transform global supply chains through a cross-disciplinary approach spanning operations, tax and risk

• Review, improve and assess risk of procurement functions to realise long-term, sustainable benefits

• Improve supply chains and infrastructure in emerging markets as a powerful catalyst to secure new market share and drive revenue growth

• Integrate environmental, sustainable and low carbon aspects into end-to-end supply chains

• Provide sector-specific supply chain insights with our experienced industry supply chain professionals.


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