Information Security and Privacy

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Information is a critical enabler for organisations competing in today’s global business environment. Conversely it is also a viable threat, putting information security, privacy and protection from IT threats at the forefront of every organisation’s agenda.

Information technology provides the opportunity to get closer to customers and respond to them rapidly, which can significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Online technology enablers such as social media, mobile Internet, cloud and ‘smart’ eCommerce are continually shaping our daily lives. However, as organisations leverage new technologies, the risk also increases.

Since 2006 the trends emerging from our Global Information Security Survey suggest that the disparity between accelerating threats and organisations’ responses is growing at an exponential and unsustainable rate. Indeed cyber security has never been more topical, with universal recognition as a major risk by business, governments and regulators alike.

Effective information security transformation does not always require complex technology solutions. It requires leadership and the commitment, capacity and willingness to act. Experience has shown us that purely technology-led solutions typically miss the critical aspects of people and process – such as the understanding of how information is used in the business and by whom.

At EY, our Advisory services for information security and privacy focus on your specific business needs and issues because we recognise that every need and issue is unique. The table below outlines the areas in which we can help your organisation manage your security and privacy risks.

EY - Information Security

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