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Empowering entrepreneurs

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Empowering entrepreneurs

Building on our global commitment to building a better working world through our work with our clients and our markets, we also invest in our communities. We invest to ensure that the skills and characteristics required to enable businesses and societies to thrive are available.

We invest, in entrepreneurs, particularly women, who can help restore and create economic and social wellbeing. This is handled primarily through organizing women into Self Help Groups (SHGs), helping create bank linkages and then facilitating inter lending to promote income generating activities on an entrepreneurial basis. Similarly we also invest in educating farmers on agricultural best practices which in turn helps improve agricultural yield productivity.

EYF supports rural families across more than 2000 villages reaching out to more than 175,000 women through various initiatives.

Vocational training

(This is a past project)

The EY Foundation had supported the Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) by funding nine vocational centres spread across the country, with potential to impact 2,875 students in 2013 and 2014. The vocational training centres were low-cost models to enable the underprivileged to pursue their goals on a self-sustaining basis.

In the past, EYF has funded 14 centres in 2012.

Capacity building

Our people at EY have helped Action for Ability Development and Inclusion, a non- government organization, (NGO) in capacity-building as a pro-bono service.

Tax advice

EY has helped Naandi Foundation, a non-profit organization (NPO) , to obtain the 35 AC permissions under the Income Tax Act, which provided a 100% tax rebate to the donors of Naandi’s mid-day meal program in six states. Naandi currently feeds over 10, 00,000 children every day.

EY has also helped Kalanjiam Foundation, a non-profit organization (NPO), to obtain permission u/s 35AC of the Income Tax Act, which provides 100% tax rebate to the donors. Kalanjiam Foundation works with Women Federations across many states.


EYF is creating an online system as a pro bono service, to help Goonj, a NGO, track movement of clothes and other material received and donor management.

Repaired computers

Repaired personal computers (PCs) in Municipal Corporation of Delhi schools at a cost of Rs. 350 to Rs. 500 per PC, as compared to another corporate buying PCs at around Rs. 25,000 per PC.