Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013

Nomination and selection

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Take the first step to join the prestigious global entrepreneurial circle.


  • Nominee must be an owner/manager who is primarily responsible for the recent performance of the company and an active member of the leadership team.
  • Founders of public companies, who are still active in the top management, are also eligible.
  • Nominations can be submitted by anyone who is associated with a successful entrepreneur.

Selection process

Finalists and winners are selected from all eligible nominations, by an eminent panel of judges.

Selection process

What makes a winner

Entrepreneurial spirit: Independent thinking and the ability to sense opportunities and transform them into success.

Financial performance: The strength of the organization's financial track record and provisions for long-term sustainability.

Strategic direction: The talent to serve as a mentor and lead in every sphere of business, ensuring success for the entire team

Community/Global Impact: Making a positive impact both economically and in the quality of life, in one's own community as well as globally.

Innovation: Pioneering new technologies and embracing change through continuous improvement and innovation in all realms of the business.

Personal integrity and influence: Demonstrating the highest standards of ethics and quality and creating a value system that earns respect and a culture of corporate social responsibility.