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You're in great company!

A lifetime network of the world’s most influential and innovative
high-growth entrepreneurs

EY - EOY winners network

Congratulations EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award™ winners, on your outstanding achievements! We are thrilled to welcome you to the Alumni community. Members of this elite community are exceptional leaders who disrupt the status quo, drive innovation, create jobs and transform economies.

Your award is just the beginning
Our goal is to be the catalyst for an active membership of winning entrepreneurs, providing you with:

  1. Connections: Access to the best business minds in the world.
  2. Kinship: A community of peers with shared experiences and common, entrepreneurial perspectives.
  3. Knowledge: The most relevant content and information, from EY professionals and other organizations focused on high-growth entrepreneurial companies.
  4. Influence: Opportunities to impact public policy and tackle complex problems as part of the most prestigious organization of entrepreneurs in the world.
  5. Recognition: Highlighting the contributions you make locally, globally and nationally.
  6. Opportunity: Participate as a regional or national Entrepreneur Of The Year judge, attend and/or speak at events such as the Strategic Growth Forum, regional galas and Alumni experiences, and nominate your peers for the program.

Connecting the world’s most successful entrepreneurs
A community of entrepreneurs is a powerful force. If you have won an Entrepreneur Of The Year Award any time during the history of the program, you are eligible to join in the exclusive Winners Network. The Winners Network is a private online community that connects you with a remarkable peer group to help you do what you do best. It is one of the most valuable networks you can create. The site provides a range of features to help you network with your peers around the globe, participate in special events and media opportunities, and share information, advice, ideas, growth strategies and so much more.

How to join the Winners Network online community
To receive your official invitation, please email EOYWinnersNetwork@ey.com.