Our global approach

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Globalization is shaping our world: it’s expanding horizons as trade, technology and investment increasingly connect countries and companies around the globe; and it’s compressing time and distance as people and products move – and ideas spread – faster than ever before.

At EY, we have long thought that globalization is one of the defining issues of our time. Our response has been to transform our organization so that we keep in step with the changing needs of our clients and our people.

Our Locations

Our clients need integrated, cross-border service and the same high quality wherever they do business around the world. Our people want to build careers in an organization that’s global in its outlook and inclusive in its approach.

Our global structure

We have one strong global leadership team that sets one single global strategy and agenda. To be efficient and effective, our business units are grouped into four geographic Areas:

  1. Americas: Our Americas Area was formed in 2006. It comprises 29 countries and nearly 45,000 people. The workplace culture of the Americas Area is regularly recognized by organizations such as the Great Place to Work Institute and Universum, which frequently place EY near the top of their lists for countries across the region.

  2. Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA): We created our EMEIA Area in 2008, bringing together more than 73,000 people from 90 countries across Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. It was a groundbreaking move, as many assumed that it was impossible for an organization such as ours to take such a big step. Creating EMEIA cemented our reputation as the most globally integrated organization in our field.

  3. Asia-Pacific: Our newest-formed Area, which brings together more than 27,000 people across 20 countries, was created in 2010 from our former Oceania and Far East Areas. The Asia-Pacific region is the world’s most dynamic economy. We believe that much of our clients’ and our own future growth will come from the region and our Asia-Pacific Area will enable us to better serve clients looking to invest in or grow across the region.

  4. Japan: Our Japan Area employs more than 6,500 professionals and works with many of Japan’s best-known companies across the financial, manufacturing and electronics sectors. It also acts as the hub for our Japan Business Services network — nearly 350 Japanese-speaking professionals based in 60 cities around the globe who serve Japanese clients operating overseas.

Each business unit’s leadership team works directly with their Area and global leaders to ensure flawless execution. This structure is streamlined – it allows us to make decisions quickly, execute our strategy and provide high-quality service wherever in the world our clients do business.

Our global structure means we can respond faster than our competitors. We can access the right people and assemble broader, more experienced teams, wherever the client is based, to deliver seamless service worldwide. We can consistently negotiate everywhere, execute everywhere and mobilize resources everywhere.

So we’re not merely a loose collection of national practices – we are a global organization, unified in our approach.

Our diverse and inclusive perspective

As the most globally integrated organization in our field, we seek to develop a global mindset in all of our people.

We have seen that a work culture committed to diversity and inclusiveness drives our ability to think globally. Our leaders are accountable for building that culture – for setting goals, developing actions and monitoring results, and engaging clients and thought leaders.

Learn more about our leaders and our four Areas.