Indian insurance sector: Stepping into the next decade of growth

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A well developed and evolved insurance sector is a boon for economic development of a country. It provides long-term funds for infrastructure development and concurrently strengthens the risk-taking ability of the country. India’s rapid rate of economic growth over the past decade has been one of the most significant developments in the global economy.

The Indian insurance industry: At the crossroads of development
The industry is on its way to development and a number of factors govern that growth. Some of them are:

  • Significantly untapped latent potential: India’s insurance industry has witnessed rapid growth during the last decade. Consequently, many foreign companies have expressed their interest in investing in domestic insurance companies, despite the Government of India’s regulation, which mandates that the foreign shareholding limit is fixed at 26% for the life as well as non-life insurance sectors. How can this potential be tapped efficiently? This report analyzes the issues of the industry and suggests methods to overcome them.
  • Recent regulatory developments that govern the current market state: The development of the insurance industry in India is likely to be critically dependent on the nature and quality of regulation. Overall, the regulatory environment is favorable and takes care that players maintain prudent underwriting standards, and reserve valuation and investment practices. The primary objective for the current regulations is to promote stability and fair play in the market place. Our report details some major regulations by the IRDA as well as those concerning ULIPS, IPOs, among others.

What will drive market development in the Indian insurance industry?
There are certain factors that need to be considered by the Indian insurance industry to ensure a seamless growth in business. Our report analyzes these factors in detail. Some of these include:

  • Distribution channels: The effectiveness and cost of diverse distribution strategies of different players is crucial in ensuring the success of players in the insurance business, particularly in the retail lines of business.
  • Focus on financial inclusion: The approach to insurance must be in sync with the evolving times. The mission of the insurance sector in India should be to extend the insurance coverage over a larger section of the population and a wider segment of activities.
  • Consumer needs and preferences: The growth in insurance industry has been spurred by product innovation, vibrant distribution channels, coupled with targeted publicity and promotional campaigns by the insurers. Innovation has come not only in the form of benefits attached to the products, but also in the delivery mechanism through various marketing tie-ups. All these efforts have brought insurance closer to the customer as well as made it more relevant.

For a detailed analysis of the insurance industry in India, read our report.