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EY - Government and Public Sector - Reaping India’s demographic dividend Our report analyses the reality of India’s demographic dividend and discusses the feasibility of creating sustainable models to ensure 500 m. skilled people by 2022. 201301012013
EY - Government and Public Sector - Growing threat to national security: an analysis This knowledge paper explores the dimensions of financing terrorism through counterfeiting, piracy and smuggling and some effective remedial measures. 201301012013
EY - Government and Public Sector - Social Return on Investment At EY, we understand the value and impact of our clients’ social investments. But on most occasions the value generated from these investments… 201301012013
EY - Government and Public Sector - Cost efficiency in CSR At EY, it is our constant endeavor to help our clients derive an enhanced social value from the money, time and effort they invest in… 201301012013
EY - Government and Public Sector - Corporate Social Responsibility in India Over the past few years CSR, as a concept, has been the focus of many deliberations and research. 201301012013
Homeland Security 2013 Our recent study explores the current framework for public procurement in our police forces and attempts to sensitize stakeholders on the need to strengthen it. 201301012013
Higher Education in India: Vision 2030 India’s higher education sector needs an effective roadmap to achieve a glorious future by 2030. Our recent study reveals. 201301012013
Annual Magazine: Dynamics Issue 8 The World Bank Group is leading the charge in many respects. Its President Dr. Jim Yong Kim has a new strategy to eliminate global poverty by 2030 and boost incomes
for the bottom 40% of the population in developing countries; we hear why it’s no more “business as usual” at the Bank.
Citizen Today (Quarterly Magazine) Our latest edition delves into the issues of unemployment and gender equity, solving US fiscal challenges and supporting entrepreneurship. 201301012013

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