Procurement for the police forces

Procurement transformation in India’s police force

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The nature and requirements of public procurement process for police forces is different from that of the general government departments.

  • Wide variety of procurement needs
  • Challenges in quality testing of procured items
  • Highly technical procurement needs and challenge of maintaining vendor neutrality
  • Trade-off between transparency and national security
  • Specialized procurement requirements catered by limited number of vendors

Procurement under Modernization of Police Force Scheme (MPF)

An exponential increase in the number of crimes in India has led to the Government taking proactive measures to modernize the police forces by implementing the best and most efficient and effective facilities.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has been supplementing the efforts and resources of State Governments from time to time by way of measures such as Modernization of Police Forces (MPF) Scheme. The focus of the scheme is on strengthening the police infrastructure through:

  • Construction of secure police stations, police posts
  • Improved mobility
  • Modern weaponry
  • Communication equipment
  • Modern traffic control equipment
  • Introduction of computerization
  • Police housing
The Modernization of Police Forces (#MPF) Scheme aims to strengthen India’s police infrastructure.

Status of reforms in police procurement process

Dimensions of reforms in the procurement
process of Indian police forces

EY - Dimensions of reforms in the procurement process of Indian police forces

These four dimensions can be used to study the current status of police procurement and the different initiatives taken by police forces in the country. This framework will also be used to draw the future roadmap for procurement transformation in India’s police forces:

  • Policies and regulations: A set of comprehensive and bespoke policies and guidelines on police procurement will ensure that procurement officers follow standardized procedures and norms to conduct procurement, and are guided correctly to help them deal with technically complex procurements.
  • Processes: With the increasing scale and complexity of procurement operations, it is essential that the processes followed in the procurement divisions of the police forces are modernized, to increase their efficiency and also enable them to reap the benefits of economies of scale.
  • Technology: Information Technology (IT) is rapidly changing public procurement in government organizations and effective implementation of IT in police forces will enhance their efficiency and accountability as well as the transparency of police procurement.
  • Capacity building: In order to effectively execute the procurement plans of the state police forces, it is essential that procurement personnel are adequately skilled and trained to meet the objectives of effective and transparent procurement.