Retail Library

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The October 2009 issue  of The retailer  focuses on understanding the retail market in rural India and the introduction of GST in the taxation structure. 


 July 2009 issue of The retailer focuses on the role of sales and distribution in accelerating growth and the various approaches available to drive sales for competitive advantage. Click here to read more.

January 2009 issue of The retailer issue focuses on the importance of proper store planning for the long-term retail success, market-entry strategies for retailers seeking to start operations in India. Click here to read more.

October 2008 issue of The retailer highlights strategies adopted by the US retail industry to manage costs in a downturn and learnings for Indian companies on how to reduce operating costs. Click here to read more.

The first issue of The retailer aims to capture current trends in the retail industry. It talks about private equity, fine dining as an emerging concept and emergence of luxury retail in India. Click here to read the complete report.




April 2009 issue of The retailer delves on critical milestones, key challenges and cost saving opportunities in the private label arena of food and grocery items. Click here to read more.