Big data and enterprise mobility in India

The way forward

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We surveyed 110 IT leaders across industry sectors to understand the relevance of Big data and enterprise mobility in the Indian context:

  • Is Big data a hype or reality?
  • What are the relevant sources of data that are driving Big data initiatives? Are organizations aware of the functional objectives that can be achieved by analyzing these data sources?
  • What is current stage of Big data adoption across industry sectors?
  • What are the challenges faced by Indian companies whilst driving Big data adoption? Are investment priorities aligned to mitigating these challenges?
  • What are the types of devices preferred by organizations for driving the enterprise mobility agenda? How are companies tackling data-related issues?
  • In which areas of technology are investments planned to derive benefits?
Is Big data a hype or reality?

Key findings from the survey

Our survey analyzed the responses of CIOs and IT leaders of medium and large size enterprises to draw relevant inferences for the Big data ecosystem.

Big data

  • More than 60% of organizations define Big data as large volumes of unstructured data. Less than 20% of organizations consider Big data as "hype" or the latest technology buzzword.
  • About 60% acknowledge that unstructured information is growing out of control and is driving Big data explosion, with unstructured data expected to grow at a faster rate (30-40%) than structured data (30%) over the next 3-5 years.
  • Half of the large organizations plan to use data from social networks for sentiment analysis and customer tracking.
  • About 80% of organizations are in the early stages of Big data initiatives and 60% are still at the "exploratory stage" of evolution.
  • Concerns relating to availability of skillsets, low levels of technology awareness and lack of management sponsorship are limiting Big data adoption.
  • Data complexity will continue to increase in future and less than 10% of organizations are currently equipped to manage these unstructured data sources effectively.
  • 75% of organizations are confident of driving new revenue streams using Big data. However, only 35% plan to invest in building Big data capabilities related to analytics, security software and real-time applications.

 Enterprise mobility

  • More than 60% of organizations are still in the process of making existing IT assets mobile-enabled; 30% are using mobility to re-define existing business models and drive incremental revenue streams.
  • 75% of organizations believe that mobility initiatives will drive higher employee productivity and faster access to critical information. Less than 40% envisage any major costs savings related to end user IT assets.
  • Organizations do not rank bring-your-own-device (BYOD) high in their investment priority and less than 20% plan to enable employee-owned devices to access business applications.

Enterprise Mobility initiatives adoption
Enterprise Mobility initiatives adoption

Respondents were asked to select the initiatives their organizations have adopted as a part of Enterprise Mobility strategy