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IT sourcing

With a variety of IT sourcing options available, IT leaders are looking for clear IT sourcing strategies without exposing the business to avoidable risks. The IT sourcing strategy needs to deliver on a variety of counts that include:

  • Address business needs with high-grade service levels
  • Manage risks of outsourcing and vendor lock-in while staying within budget
  • “Shadow IT” procurements getting out of control with the business making IT decisions outside IT control

How we can help

Our IT Sourcing is built upon lessons learnt by the industry from first generation, single source mega deals and second generation commodity providers.

IT sourcing covers the following areas

  • Understanding of when and where “Cloud” and everything “As—a—service” fits in
  • The cost reduction and movement from Capex to Opex financial models
  • A better understanding of what IT to retain and align more closely to wider business strategy
  • The possibility of having Service Management as a separate discrete entity handling end—to—end SLA’s
  • New governance structures to manage multiple parties
  • Enhanced “Shadow IT” alignment

Our differentiators

  • We have a clear perspective on various key aspects of IT sourcing that include single- versus multi-sourcing, the procurement strategies to be adopted and a clear view on when to adopt cloud-based models.
  • This, along with our understanding of the impact of various sourcing strategies on the Target Operating Model, is a clear differentiator in this solution space.

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