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Service overview

Supply chains and operations are undergoing radical restructuring as they meet the challenge of improving performance in a world of unprecedented complexity and opportunity.

Today, they are required to balance increasing needs for agility and responsiveness against those for driving down costs and improving cash.

EY Advisory believes a better working world means addressing big, complex industry issues and opportunities to deliver outcomes that help grow, optimize and protect businesses.

Your supply chains and operations should be viewed as sources of strategic competitive advantage.  We can help you identify and invest in the right operating models to unlock full value from this strategic asset.

We work with you to help you effect fundamental change in your operations performance to support sales growth, become more cost competitive, reduce risk and enhance operational resilience.

How can we help?

How can your supply chain deliver the breakthrough in performance needed to drive business success?

Traditional manufacturing-intensive companies are under increasing pressure to manage disruptive forces. In highly competitive markets, growth is challenging but necessary to deliver shareholder value.

Consumer behaviour is changing, demanding new channels to market. Cost containment and margin improvement remain critical, and understanding complex data to unlock performance is a pre-requisite for success. The supply chain needs to be fundamentally reinvented around a demand response network philosophy, creating a supply chain that balances agility, efficiency and resilience, managing risk and protecting shareholder value.

We go back to the overarching business strategy and the purpose of your organization. We ask fundamental questions about the strategic requirements of your supply chain and operations, segmenting and suggesting ways to reinvent the different supply chains to move you closer to optimizing service, cost, cash and CAPEX.

Our service offerings

Strategic architecture

  • Integrated supply chain (SC) operating model: We can help in redesigning operating models.
  • SC network and flow: This entails defining the logistics strategy to drive trade excellence, cost to serve and cost to supply.

Integrated operational excellence

  • SC segmentation and synchronization: We can assist with customer-driven supply network segmentation with synchronization of key planning inputs and change management.
  • Initiative reliability and complexity: We adopt a holistic approach to help you manage innovation and reduce complexity including P&G method of product development.
  • Commercial excellence: We provide assistance with procurement performance and creating value through contract design and execution.
  • Run-to-target manufacturing: Our unique alliance with P&G can make a comprehensive Integrated Work Systems (IWS) solution available to address the needs of high-speed consumer goods supply chains.
  • Route to market optimization: We can help companies get more of the right product to the right consumer in the right places at the right price and activated in the right way.

Capital excellence

  • We work with companies to help identify, finance, develop, construct, commission and decommission major capital assets.
  • Specific focus areas include business case and contingency review, JV and capital-intensive operating model design, and assistance with operating model implementations, capital procurement, program delivery and reporting, as well as assurance.

Enterprise excellence

  • We can help enterprises become for efficient and effective, including in their procurement, finance, technology/IT and HR functions.
  • Specific focus areas include advice on enterprise cost reduction, commercial excellence, finance effectiveness improvement, IT performance improvement, outsource value review, and risk excellence.

Customer excellence

  • We provide services that can help you increase revenue, reduce cost and improve the customer experience and improve compliance from customer-facing functions.
  • Specific focus areas include advice on B2B and B2C growth strategies, such as segmentation and channels, customer cost reduction/experience improvement, customer compliance improvement, customer end-to-end process design and transformation delivery.

Continuous improvement through Lean Six Sigma

  • Operational excellence or continuous improvement programs are as popular as ever, using methods and philosophies such as Lean and Six Sigma to deliver performance improvements. This is perhaps a reflection of the economic situation and the pressures on organizations to reduce costs or to become more competitive through improvements to service or product quality.
  • The EY approach combines our experience in Lean Six Sigma with our extensive transformation experience, recognizing that changing mind-sets and developing the right leadership are absolutely fundamental to the sustainable success of these initiatives.

Service delivery transformation

  • Tailored programs will help review services strategy and help you transform operations to maximize service delivery and return on assets.

Procurement transformation

  • This entails end-to-end review of procurement operating models and strategies for category management, sourcing, supplier risk management and complex contracting.

Inventory management

  • We help develop inventory strategies to improve working capital service requirements and to control cost.

Digital operations

  • We offer specific tailored proposals to digitize content and create virtual supply chains to improve service requirements, for example, strategies for creating digital operations, harnessing SC analytics and big data to deliver service improvements.


  • SC risk, sustainability and resilience: We help design resilient and responsible supplier risk management programs, as well as responsible and sustainable supply chains.


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