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Fostering safe workplaces

EY - Fostering safe workplaces
We have collaborated with FICCI to identify changing workforce dynamics and decipher how far we have come in combating the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace.


Whistle-blowing mechanism assessment tool

The tool will help you assess your compliance level with provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and best practises for implementation. Take the test now

Whistle-blowing master class

EY - Whistle-blowing master class
The program will help you implement whistle-blowing mechanisms effectively and investigate cases.

Unmasking India’s NPA issues – can the banking sector overcome this phase?

EY - Unmasking India’s NPA issues – can the banking sector overcome this phase?
Our survey decodes reasons and challenges for rising non-performing assets (NPAs) in corporate loans, as the banking sector gears up to weather the “crisis”.

Watch Vinod Rai, ex-CAG, discuss bribery and corruption issues on FIDS blog

EY - Watch our interview with Vinod Rai, ex-CAG on FIDS Blog
FIDS India recently interviewed Vinod Rai, the 11th Comptroller & Auditor General of India, on the challenge of bribery and corruption and gifting policies in India.

EY - The whistle-blowing quandary: a FIDS survey

The whistle-blowing quandary: a FIDS survey

Our survey enlightens the current state of implementation of whistle-blowing mechanisms in India, assessing related challenges and way forwards.