Climate Change Services and Sustainability Services

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Climate change and sustainability issues are core to the operations of businesses, governments and individuals. More and more businesses in every sector are incorporating sustainability issues in to their goals for the future. Businesses accept that they must do so if they are to survive and grow in the fast changing world economy.

Our clients are facing stringent climate regulations which have an impact on their businesses. However, adapting to climate change and sustainability also presents businesses with the opportunity to address the risks and maximize on the opportunities to sustain growth in a low carbon trajectory.

With our climate change insights, knowledge and experiences; we help businesses across sectors and geographies to be pro-active on business and regulatory matters around climate change issues. 

Our services:

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Advisory: India is one of the forerunners in the CDM space. The CDM is one the three flexible mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol that support reduction of project based green house gases (GHGs) emission reduction. CDM allows industrialized countries with emission reduction commitments, to fully or partially fulfill their emission reduction targets by procuring Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from GHG abatements projects in developing countries.

Carbon Footprint & Strategy: As regulatory frameworks on businesses around permissible carbon emission limits and carbon trading are getting strengthened around the globe, businesses are taking proactive initiatives to record their carbon emissions and devise ways to reduce the same. A carbon strategy would chalk out steps for the company to ensure its growth in the carbon constrained economy and maximize its carbon assets.

Sustainability Management and Reporting: Environmental and social management has now become an integral part of business operations. With organizations adopting a more systematic approach to managing, measuring and reporting on social and environmental performance, the trend towards greater accountability and voluntary disclosure is gathering pace.

Sustainable Energy Solutions: Energy security, rising prices, Government policies, changing tariff structure and wide availability of energy sources are some of the rapidly changing factors affecting the energy scenario in India. The dynamics of these parameters coupled with the continual increase in energy demand have brought in both challenges and opportunities. There are options available to optimize the benefits while addressing risks.


Power for a better future: EY was the Knowledge Partner for the "Power for Sustainable Future" conference, organized by CII in Hyderabad recently. Read our report detailing the key takeaways, such as understanding the power scenario in the region, challenges and the opportunities in the sector, among others.

Reducing carbon footprint in the power sector: Advanced technologies and clean fuels would be India's solution to an ever increasing power demand and the corresponding carbon footprint.

Mainstreaming green energy - April 2010: Get a bird’s eye view on renewable energy with regulations and governmental incentives along with information on wind, biomass, and solar energy in detail.