EY - India Tax Insights (April-June 2014)

India Tax Insights (April-June 2014)

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This first edition presents insightful articles, interviews and thought leaderships to aid business leaders have the most relevant information to make decisions. This issue primarily focuses on tax administration in India.

Highlights of the India tax and controversy survey

An accompaniment to EY’s global 2014 Tax risk and controversy survey, the India survey highlights the thoughts and perceptions of tax and finance executives based in India on tax risk and compare them to global result.

For further perspectives into our survey, visit http://www.ey.com/IndiaTaxRiskControversySurvey2014

“Are tax administrations equipped for tomorrow?”

EY - Jeffrey Owens In conversation with Jeffrey Owens, Senior Tax Policy Advisor to the Global Vice Chair of Tax, EY

Jeffrey Owens, Senior Tax Policy Advisor to the Global Vice Chair of Tax, EY and former Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD, Paris, talks to us on the growing pressures on the tax administrations and how they are responding to the challenges. Mr. Owens talks of how tax administrations are now moving towards developing a more behavioural response to compliance: shifting towards prevention rather than just detection of non-compliance and the structural changes that tax administrations are adopting to combat the challenges posed by the increasingly global and interconnected economic environment.


Mind the gap- Addressing tax gaps in India

EY - D.K.Srivastava This article by D.K. Srivastava, our Chief Policy Advisor, highlights the significance of tax gap analysis by the Centre and State governments in India which could prove to be valuable for augmenting revenues, designing tax reforms, simplifying tax structures, reducing compliance costs, and improving the efficiency of tax administration.


Moving from confrontation to cooperation

EY - Rajendra Nayak Rajendra Nayak, Partner, International Tax Services discusses the need to introduce alternate dispute resolution mechanisms in India to achieve the objective of making the tax regime non-adversarial. He opines that the Government of India could consider the option of including an arbitration clause in its tax treaties with countries with which it has significant investment and trade relations.


Advance Pricing Agreements - New kid on the block

EY - Vijay Iyer Vijay Iyer, Tax Partner and National Leader – Transfer Pricing profiles the new regime for resolving transfer pricing controversies in advance and the challenges the tax administration should be prepared for, as the regime evolves.

Journey across decades- Tax administration in India

This section provides a synopsis of Indian tax administration. It traces the milestones in the journey of tax administrative reforms in India, including the recent establishment of Tax Administration Reform Commission. The article also provides a summary of the recommendations from the recently released first report of the Commission. Read more

News on the go

What has been some of the important global tax developments worldwide? We offer an insightful snapshot. Read more

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