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Using the collective knowledge of our skilled team of professionals, we perform high quality auditing and assurance services that meet international standards to raise the credibility of client organizations.

The main focus of Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC is to establish auditing systems that are of high standards even from an international perspective. We use our proven risk approach to accurately determine the intrinsic risks of an organization and assess its internal control practices. Our efficient, high quality audits are matched to the organization's risk level.

We also provide wide-ranging assurance services to lend credibility to the various information an organization publishes, thereby contributing to its sustainable development.

Main Services

  • Auditing (legal and voluntary audits)
    Our high quality audits meet international standards and enhance the credibility of client corporations.
  • Assurance services
    We provide assurance services for corporate activities based on the knowledge and expertise we have cultivated in account auditing.
  • IFRS
    We offer a wealth of knowledge and services related to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), including support for implementation, audits of financial statements and related advisory services.
  • Internal Control
    We provide various services for internal control as it pertains to financial reporting to assist our clients with integrating Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), J-SOX internal controls, preparing confirmation documents, and declarations to be submitted to the Stock Exchange.
  • CSR/Compliance Service
    Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC works with with its group companies to provide comprehensive services to support businesses in establishing CSR-oriented management practices.
  • Environment & Sustainability Services
    We provide support to clients from both an environmental and a social perspective through our environmental management services that cover everything from the development of an environmental management system (EMS) designed to be used in the management of operations to third party audits.