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E-Newsletter December 2016

UN Forum on Business and Human Rights 2016

CCaSS Newsletter December article01The fifth annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights took place against a backdrop of the Trump election and Brexit, and saw Professor John Ruggie and the Swiss President Scheider-Ammann deliver slightly differing messages. However, with a record 2500 participants gathering in Geneva from business, government and civil society, the momentum surrounding the business and human rights movement shows no signs of slowing.


GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard, “GRI Standards” have been released

CCaSS Newsletter December article02In October 2016, the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards” were published to replace the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. Since identification and disclosure of material issues, characteristics of G4, have been inherited by the new standard, businesses will not need to substantially alter their sustainability reporting. However, considering the context behind the drafting of the standard: the intention to have the GRI Standard accepted by the market as a soft law, and expectation to increase transparency in disclosing information about economic, environmental and social impacts, it is reasonable to assume that GRI will wield greater influence on sustainability reporting. Furthermore, as GRI and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are correlated, more companies are expected to incorporate the SDGs in their materiality identification and disclosure.


What are the impacts of the ratification of the Paris Agreement, COP22 and the result of the U.S. presidential election on Japanese businesses?

CCaSS Newsletter December article03The 22nd Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, better known as COP22, had been held from November 7th to 18th in Marrakesh, Morocco. In the wake of the historic ratification of the Paris Agreement, Mr. Donald Trump, a climate change skeptic, was elected President of the United States. Amid uncertainty brought about by these developments, what Japanese businesses should expect to face?


Food Waste in the Supply Chain

CCaSS Newsletter December article04Food waste has became a significant issue that has impacts on our natural environment and society. To tackle this problem, companies and their supply chain partners should carefully look at their own supply chains. In each part of the supply chain, there are various approaches a company can take to help reduce food loss. Companies can benefit by implementing reduction efforts.


Making LGBT Inclusion Real

CCaSS Newsletter December article05Until recently, the topic of LGBT has not been part of workplace diversity efforts in Japan. It has been a hidden, invisible topic. If mentioned, it is in the context of a joke or a comment about someone not yet married. This atmosphere causes workplace anxiety or depression for those hiding their sexuality, resulting in inefficiencies and turnover. Studies have shown that organizations with a supportive work environment for LGBT employees, have greater employee motivation and satisfaction, resulting in business benefits such increased retention and productivity.


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