Business Tax Compliance

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Compliance and reporting make huge demands on tax and finance functions today. How do you reduce risk and inefficiencies and improve value cost-effectively?

We understand that what you need is access, visibility and control. Our market-leading approach combines extensive local compliance and accounting experience - in 140 countries - with a standard global compliance process and web-based tools.

You can access the resources of our dedicated compliance and reporting professionals in one country or globally with a single point of contact.

Our advice can accommodate local-to-local service, where you need it, while at the same time centralizing and automating aspects of the process where it makes sense.

In one country or many, we can provide you with an integrated, consistent, quality service that unlocks the potential of your compliance function, with tax compliance, statutory accounts preparation and tax accounting calculation support. It’s how EY makes a difference.


Our services include:

  • Tax return preparation services for corporations

    We offer tax return preparation services including corporate tax (consolidated and non-consolidated), enterprise tax, inhabitants tax, consumption tax, business premises tax and depreciable assets tax. These services take into consideration the impact of tax reforms on Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies, Japanese listed (or pre-IPO) companies and other corporate clients. Depending on your needs, we also offer services to help you prepare selected tax return schedules such as for foreign tax credits, the foreign dividend exemption or tax havens, as well as offering tax return advisory services.

  • Tax audit assistance

    The Business Tax Compliance group assists with tax audits for our corporate clients, by serving as a point of contact, attending the audit, explaining transaction details and legal interpretations, and offering other support services. We coordinate with our Japan National Tax group, Transfer Pricing group, and other service lines depending on the needs of our client.

  • Services under advisory agreement

    We also offer tax services under advisory agreement according to client requirements, ranging from introduction and implementation of R&D deductions and consolidated taxation systems to year-round general domestic and international tax advisory services.

  • Tax provision calculation support

    Our professionals offer tax provision calculation or review for quarterly and annual reports. We perform preparation or review tax packages for Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies submitted quarterly or annually to their parent company overseas. We also perform book reviews during the year so as to make tax provision calculations and tax package preparation appropriately.

  • Outsourcing services

    We provide outsourcing services to foreign companies that are starting business in Japan or to corporate clients that are considering strategically outsourcing all or part of their accounting, finance and HR activities. We also offer Japanese and English language bookkeeping services, preparation of financial statements, as well as payroll computation (including year-end adjustments) and preparation of annual withholding tax reports.