Tax Policy and Controversy

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The current economic situation and its impact on profits is increasing the pressure on tax directors. Rapid globalization has brought increasing interconnectivity between businesses, and permanent shifts in the flow of capital. Tax departments are bearing the responsibility of more corporate risk than ever. Tax now has a higher profile, not only with company management but also with shareholders, regulators, the media and other industry observers.

Developing a tax policy that resolves impediments to business needs a team that can work with government to explain issues, clarify objectives, and achieve a successful outcome for everyone. EY’s global tax policy network has extensive experience helping develop and implement policy initiatives, both as external advisers to governments and companies, and as advisers inside government. Our dedicated teams of tax policy professionals and business modelers help address your specific business environment and improve the chance of a successful outcome.

In addition, our global tax controversy network works with you to address your global tax controversy, enforcement and disclosure needs. We focus on pre-filing controversy management to help you properly and consistently file your returns and prepare the relevant back-up documentation. Our controversy professionals leverage the network’s collective knowledge of how tax authorities operate, and increasingly work together, to help resolve difficult or sensitive tax disputes. It’s how EY makes a difference.


Our services include:

  • Advance ruling support

    We provide support for procedures and documentation preparation when requesting a written response from the tax authorities with regards to the tax treatment of a specific transaction before the due date of a tax return.

  • Document preparation support for tax audits

    Our tax professionals can provide tax law interpretation advice to explain the background and reasoning for transactions to the tax authorities. Additionally, we provide support in submitting clear and concise explanatory materials to the tax authorities to achieve swifter resolutions to tax audits.

  • Support for filing an objection or request for re-examination

    When a taxpayer is not satisfied with a tax assessment, our experienced professionals can assist with the procedures and documentation preparation for filing an objection or request for re-examination using the system of relief for taxpayers which protects the fair rights and interests of taxpayers.