Performance and Reward

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In today’s market, people make the difference between success and failure. Your top talent is a precious resource. But what is the best way of unlocking their potential? Our performance and reward professionals help you do this by creating “leading practice” people programs that combine global reach and local experience.

We can provide you with as much support as you need. We can help you design compensation programs and equity incentives that really engage your top people. We can build cost optimization programs that assist you in improving your function’s performance. And then we help you implement, maintain and develop the programs as your business and people needs change.

When you really need your people strategy to reflect the aims of your organization, we’re on hand in more than 40 countries with a team that gives you the right people to do the job. All through a single point of contact who works with you to meet your needs for technical knowledge, responsiveness and a determination to provide pragmatic solutions. You benefit from effective, consistent reporting and a global network of talent, in the form of sustainable people strategies that respond to your needs.

Our team will help you find integrated solutions to your challenges. We provide a full range of advisory services including:

  • HR strategy development and HR redesign

    With dramatic changes in the recent business environment, there is an increasing need to reexamine HR management strategy, which forms an important component of management strategy. We offer customized approaches that fit the diverse needs and backgrounds of our clients.

  • Pension and retirement related issues including diagnostics, PBO calculations and redesign

    In terms of HR management policies, employee retirement benefits – particularly pension and retirement funds – can have a great financial impact on a company. What’s more, a fast response to changes in the law, such as the abolition of tax-qualified pensions, is essential. We support you in the various aspects you need to build up an appropriate, strategic retirement benefits plan.

  • Pre-merger HR (including pension) due diligence and post merger integration

    M&As have been established as an effective measure to achieve business objectives, but various studies show only a fraction of businesses were able to achieve the results originally intended. We provide consistent support in the particularly important area of organizational/HR throughout the organizational restructuring process.

  • Executive compensation

    Executive compensation not only serves the important role of attracting and retaining talented executives, but with an increasing public interest it is an area requiring an extremely cautious review. With our wealth of experience from home and abroad, we can provide objective support as you design your plan.

  • Compensation and benefits including equity based compensation

    Compensation and benefits play a vitally important role in human resource management. At the same time, however, current systems might simply be an accumulation of previous systems and may in fact no longer be strategically appropriate. Our team can present possible solutions to build up and revise your systems.

  • Global human resource management

    With a shrinking domestic market exacerbated by an aging population and a declining birthrate, more businesses are actively expanding overseas. However, still only a few firms have established strategic human resource management on a global basis. Through our network of member firms in 140 countries, we can assist in creating a consistent, global human resource management system.