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  • March 2013 Issue
    Main issues:
    • Spotlight on EU: Free trade agreement opportunities and challenges as EU accelerates new accords(p.2)
    • Global: Mutual recognition arrangement signed between the US and Taiwan; more to come(p.13)
    • United States: The continuing extraterritorial expansion of US sanctions and export controls(p.23)
    • Japan: 2013 Japan tax reform proposal brings key changes to the Customs Law(p.30)
  • December 2012 Issue
    Main issues:
    • Spotlight on: Customs valuation and related party pricing (p.2)
    • Global: Signs of momentum - Information Technology Agreement expansion (p.9)
    • Brazil: Brazil lowers state VAT rate to 4% for interstate sales of imported goods (p.13)
  • September 2012 Issue
    Main issues:
    • Spotlight: US-EU mutual recognition agreement: action items for security-certified traders to benefit (p.2)
    • Peru: New assessments issued by customs authorities on the customs treatment of engineering fees under turnkey contracts (p.12)
    • United States: New ruling shows enhanced scrutiny in related party sales and first sale transactions (p.14)
    • India: India's growing network of FTAs- challenges and opportunities (p.20)
    • Japan: Relaxation of documents submission requirements for customs clearance (p.23)
    • European Union: Challenges for the technology sector as the ECJ addresses tariff classification for components (p.26)
  • June 2012 Issue
    Main issues:
    • United States: Customs-transfer pricing developments - US Customs finalizes ruling allowing transfer pricing adjustments (p.2)
    • Global: A big win for security-certified traders in the US and EU (p.7)
    • Peru: New guidance from Peru on the customs treatment of royalty payments (p.12)
    • China: China Customs issues advanced customs valuation rules (p.25)
    • India: India trade developments affecting duty concession and exemptions (p.26)
  • March 2012 Issue
    Main issues:
    • Argentina: New early import declaration system adopted in Argentina (p.2)
    • United States: U.S. Customs proposes new policy accepting transfer pricing adjustments (p.17)
    • Thailand: Thailand's Supreme Court decision on trademark royalty payments (p.30)
    • European Union: European Parliament issues resolution with pro-business stance on key outstanding issues for implementation of the Modernised Customs Code (p.31)
    • Russia: Russia's accession to the WTO and its impact on foreign trade regulation (p.35)
  • December 2011 Issue
    Main issues:
    • Japan Customs sheds light on the customs treatment of retroactive transfer pricing adjustments (p.25)
    • New protocol strengthens the Japan - Mexico economic partnership agreement (p.27)
    • New US FTAs with South Korea, Colombia and Panama highlight the benefits and complexities of FTA management (p.2)
    • WCO approves commentary on royalties but controversy remains unsettled (p.9)
    • Mexico implements new export control program (p.13)
    • US Customs considers changing the impact of post-importation transfer pricing adjustments (p.20)
  • September 2011 Issue
    Main issues for Japanese companies:
    • Harmonized System changes may materially affect tariff classifications and duty rates; technology outpaces tariff amendments (p.2)
    • United States: US export control reform is taking shape (p.14)
    • China: China Customs to more closely monitor the Processing Trade (p.21)
    • Japan/India: Japan-India CEPA enters into force (p.23)
  • June 2011 Issue
    Main issues for Japanese companies:
    • EU: Further delays and controversy expected for implementation of EU (p.2)
    • Argentina: Royalties paid abroad and their possible impact on the customs value (p.5)
    • US: Uncertainty for US Generalized System of Preferences (p.11)
    • Korea: EU free trade agreement-opportunities for Korean business (p.16)
    • Turkey: Turkey implements encryption import controls (p.21)
  • March 2011 Issue
    Main issues for Japanese companies:
    • EU: The European Union's new preferential rules of origin under the Generalized System of Preferences (p.2)
    • US: Human Resources meets US export controls: the new US I-129 Form and what it means for your company (p.14)
    • US: Foreign Trade Zones Board proposes significant regulatory framework revisions (p.16)
    • Japan: 2011 Japan tax reform proposal brings key changes to customs programs and procedures (p.19)
    • Turkey: The new post clearance customs audit approach (p.30)
    • India: Customs self assessments coming to India (p.32)

Indirect Tax Briefing

  • May 2013 Issue
    • VAT challenges faced regarding international M&A transactions
    • European Union: Electronic invoicing and archiving
    • Indirect tax in 2013: with change comes complexity

Indirect Tax Alert