Transfer Pricing and Tax Effective Supply Chain Management

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We bring you a global perspective based on our long-standing experience of what really works in transfer pricing and tax effective supply chain management (TESCM). Our transfer pricing professionals help you review, document, manage and defend your transfer pricing policies and processes - aligning them with your business strategy. Our talented people work with you to build the proactive, pragmatic and integrated strategies that address the tax risks of today’s businesses and help your business achieve its potential. Our multi-disciplinary TESCM teams work with you on supply chain design, business restructuring, systems implications, transfer pricing, direct and indirect tax, customs and accounting. We can help you build and implement the structure that makes sense for your business, improve your processes and manage the cost of trade.

  • Assessing and managing transfer pricing risks

    It is important to understand the risks of transfer pricing adjustments and potential double taxation as well as to be ready with solutions to transfer pricing disputes. Have you planned for how you would manage an audit or other controversy-related events? Taking the risk tolerance of your company into account, we can support you in identifying risks and weighing your options in order to develop a tailored approach to address and manage transfer pricing risks.

  • Designing effective global transfer pricing policies

    A sound, globally consistent transfer policy can be the cornerstone to your tax strategy. It can allow you to achieve your business objectives while considering the tax implications of your supply chain strategy and practices. Using an integrated and harmonized approach, we can help you to design transfer pricing strategies that have sustainable tax and business benefits and are tailored to address the tangible and intangible asset, services or financial transactions issues your business faces.

  • Planning supply chain solutions (TESCM)

    Our professional teams are experienced in designing and implementing tax effective supply chain solutions that meet both tax planning objectives and your business strategy. We offer services that can develop and implement sustainable transfer pricing strategies by identifying transfer pricing redesign options, contribute to the management of effective tax rates, and identify future paths to deal with potential transfer pricing risk and disputes.

  • Preparing transfer pricing documentation

    Organizations operating in different jurisdictions will benefit from a robust approach to pricing and documenting your intercompany transactions to ensure compliance with arm’s length standards and local country rules and legislation.

  • Negotiating Advance Pricing Arrangements

    More countries are increasingly adopting APA programs in negotiating transfer pricing between taxpayers and tax authorities. EY has teams experienced in APA negotiations, and we can help you resolve your transfer pricing disputes in one or several jurisdictions using this process. We can also help you employ APAs as a strategic tool to obtain greater certainty about tax treatment, achieve time and cost savings over the lifetime of the APA compared to typical transfer pricing examinations, and reduce or eliminate penalty exposure.

  • Managing transfer pricing tax audits - the Competent Authority process

    Tax authorities are increasingly active in securing their revenue base, which increases potential for disagreements between countries about current transfer pricing rules and their proper application. Such circumstances demand that you be prepared with an experienced transfer pricing advisory team that is ready to defend your corporate interests and lead you to solutions that can effectively reduce your risk of double taxation.